Argentina Advertisements

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VH1 TV & Film advertisements

VH1: I will survive

The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness about bullying, speaking directly to those "cool"...see more →

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
UTN Print advertisements

UTN: Learn faster with Blended Learning

If you can speak English, you can dream about a better job. Learn faster with Blended Learning....see more →

Asurin ads
Asurin Print advertisements

Asurin bags with easy close

Asurín bags with easy close. The bag closes, the smell goes away. Advertising Agency: FWK,...see more →

Tulipan Print advertisements

Tulipan: Signs are all compatible

Signs are all compatible. Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Argentina Executive Creative...see more →

Comedy Central
Comedy Central Outdoor advertisements

Comedy Central: When you see the logo, you know it’s funny

When you see the logo, you know it’s funny. Advertising Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires, Argentina...see more →

La Voz del Interior Outdoor advertisements

La Voz del Interior: Some drivers are lucky

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Buenos Aires, Argentina Chief Creative Officers /...see more →

Beb's Print advertisements

Beb's: Every father has an inner child

"Every father has an inner child. Thanks for letting him come and play with us. Happy father’s day...see more →

Cereal Mix TV & Film advertisements

Cereal Mix: New Cereal Mix Cookies

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina General Creative Directors: Martín...see more →

Rayovac Flashlights
Rayovac Print advertisements

Rayovac Flashlights: Against darkness.

Product: Rayovac Flashlights Against darkness. Advertising Agency: Fischer América, Argentina...see more →

Coca-Cola ads
Coca-Cola Print advertisements

Coca-Cola: Let's look at the world a little differently

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Buenos Aires, Argentina Executive Creative Director: Martin Mercado...see more →

AMMAR Outdoor advertisements

AMMAR: We need a law to regulate our work

86% of sex workers are mothers. We need a law to regulate our work.AMMAR. Argentina’s Sex Workers’...see more →

Asurin ads
Asurin Print advertisements

Asurin: Breathe fresh air

Breathe fresh air. Asurín bags with easy close. The bag closes, the smell goes away. Advertising...see more →

AFS ads
AFS Print advertisements

AFS: More than one world to know

More than one world to know, AFS international educational experience. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy...see more →

Skay ads
Skay Print advertisements

Skay: Gloves with sleeves

Gloves with sleeves. Gloves with glamour. Advertising Agency: FWK, Argentina Creative Director:...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print advertisements

Amnesty International: Every time there is torture

Every time there is torture, we go back 200 years. Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam,...see more →

Olé Sport News ads
Olé Print advertisements

Olé: Believe it or not

Client: Olé Sport News Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina...see more →

Corona Online advertisements

Corona: Transforms your Moments

Client: Corona Extra 355ml of Relax. Corona. Transforms your Moments. Advertising Agency: Woonky,...see more →

7up TV & Film advertisements

7up: Magic Straw

Client: 7up Ad Agency: BBDO Argentina ECD: Rodrigo Grau & Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen / Creative...see more →

Freddo ads
Freddo Print advertisements

Freddo: Vote Freddo Ice cream

Client: Freddo Ice cream Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina General...see more →

Pymes Magazine ads
Pymes Magazine Print advertisements

Pymes Magazine: Being an entrepreneur

Client: Pymes Magazine Being an entrepreneur is to see a business where nobody saw it before....see more →