Argentina Advertisements

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clarin ads
Clarin Print advertisements

Clarin: made of jobs

The world is made of jobs, find yours on Advertising Agency: ADN Comunicación,...see more →

Trenet Wipes Instant Stain Remover
Trenet Print advertisements

Trenet Wipes Instant Stain Remover

At least it’s easy to get rid of stains. Advertising Agency: DDB, Buenos Aires, Argentina...see more →

Pymes Magazine ads
Pymes Magazine Print advertisements

See a business where nobody saw it before

Being an entrepreneur is to see a business where nobody saw it before. Advertising Agency...see more →

Campari ads
Campari Outdoor advertisements

Keep your Campari at hand

"Some follow the trend, others meet up for a drink with it." "Consult yourself if you have any...see more →

Energizer Online advertisements

Energizer: Positive Land

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Latin America Regional Account Director: Nicola Pinna / Regional Digital...see more →

Huggies TV & Film advertisements

Huggies: celebrate Friendship Day

In order to provide everybody the chance to celebrate Friendship Day with a friend, Ogilvy &...see more →

Panasonic print ads
Panasonic Print advertisements

Panasonic: Don't let other sounds attack your music

Don't let other sounds attack your music. Panasonic Noise cancelling headphones Advertising Agency...see more →

Panasonic print ads
Panasonic Print advertisements

Panasonic Baby Monitor: Baby wake up call

Baby wake up call. Panasonic Baby Monitor. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy &...see more →

Tang Ambient advertisements

Tang Re-Mix new blends of flavors

"Roller Coaster is a commercial in which Tang invites to create new blends of flavors, in a very...see more →

Nissan ads
Nissan Print advertisements

Nissan - Don't text and drive

When your eyes are on the phone, they are not on the road. Don't text and drive. Advertising...see more →

H2oh! TV & Film advertisements

H2oh! Ice and Family

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Argentina Executive Creative Directors: Rodrigo...see more →

Hairdryer ads
Atma Print advertisements

Atma - Salon hair at home

Salon hair at home. Advertising Agency: TBWA\Buenos Aires, Argentina...see more →

Chevrolet ads
Chevrolet Print advertisements

Chevrolet - Drive Carefully

Speed can make people suffer. Drive Carefully. Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson,...see more →

Mylanta ads
Mylanta Print advertisements

Mylanta: Don't send your food to hell

Don't send your food to hell. MYLANTA, against stomach heartburn. Advertising Agency: Kepel&...see more →

Coca-Cola Ambient advertisements

Coca-Cola Papertweetos by Ogilvy Argentina

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Buenos Aires, Argentina General Creative Director...see more →

Madison Rent a Car ads
Madison Rent a Car Print advertisements

Madison Rent a Car - Walk less

Walk less Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Buenos Aires, Argentina Executive Creative...see more →

Rayovac ads
Rayovac Print advertisements

Rayovac: Dura más

Advertising Agency: Fischer América, Argentina General Creative Director: Fernando Fernández /...see more →

Canon ads
Canon Print advertisements

Canon: If your printing system fails, it fails much more than that.

If your printing system fails, it fails much more than that. Advertising Agency: ...see more →

UNHCR TV & Film advertisements

UNHCR: Hungry. Perfect. That's perfect!

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Argentina Chief Creative Officer: Martín Mercado / ...see more →

Diesel ads
Diesel Outdoor advertisements

Diesel: Diesel Island

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires, Argentina Executive Creative Director:Maximiliano Anselmo...see more →