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Nike Print advertisements


Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Shanghai, China Executive Creative Directors: Ian Toombs,...see more →

Nike TV & Film advertisements

Nike - Don’t Come Back

Zhou Qi is the only Chinese basketball player in the NBA. And his fans don't want...see more →

Milka TV & Film advertisements

Milka | Mr. Milkman

Milka | Mr. Milkman. Set in the idyllic fictional town of Lilaberg, Mr. Milkman receives a lovely...see more →

Heineken TV & Film advertisements

Heineken: The Chase with James Bond

James Bond unwittingly draws a bystander into the action as he tries to throw off his pursuers. Can...see more →

KFC TV & Film advertisements

KFC: Lie Detector

I cannot tell a lie. I am Colonel Sanders. Now, apparently, some of you have been questioning...see more →

Coca-Cola TV & Film advertisements

Coca-Cola "Big Game" #MakeItHappy

The Internet can be used to spread either happiness or hate. To either hurt someone or make someone...see more →

Old Spice TV & Film advertisements

Old Spice : Nightmare Face

Unruly face hairs lead to unruly face-hair children, and so on. Help break this vicious cycle with...see more →

Three TV & Film advertisements

Three: Prepare yourself - Surfers

With Feel At Home, Chris, Max and Ronnie were able to call and text back home and use data, at no...see more →

Weight Watchers TV & Film advertisements

Weight Watchers: Everyone has a butt

Everyone has a butt. And every butt has a story. This is one. Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy...see more →

Netflix TV & Film advertisements

Netflix: the big and small transformations

Can Netflix change one person’s life forever? Can a sullen teenager be transformed...see more →

TurboTax TV & Film advertisements

TurboTax: Get your taxes done right

Traveling for work can be fun. Or terrible. Or at least a good story for Monday. No matter what you...see more →

Three print ads
Three Print advertisements

Three: Calendar

Advertising Agency: W+K, London, UK Creative Directors: Larry Seftel, David Day / Copywriter: ...see more →

Old Spice TV & Film advertisements

Old Spice: He's a man! He's a boy!

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman, ...see more →

Sony TV & Film advertisements

Sony is there at every step of the entertainment experience

From the lenses on the studio lot to the TV in your living room, Sony is there at every step of the...see more →

Audi TV & Film advertisements

Audi TTS TV Commercial "Leap of Faith"

It takes guts to buy a car whose only practical purpose is the sheer joy of driving it. But as Audi...see more →

Nike TV & Film advertisements

Nike: Together - LeBron James

This time it's bigger than basketball. Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA see more →

Honda Online advertisements

Honda 'The Other Side' - Trailer

Everyone has another side. Find out more at http://www.hondatheotherside.com #TypeR Advertising...see more →

Dodge TV & Film advertisements

Dodge: two brothers

A car company started by two brothers is going to be built on healthy competition. In this video we...see more →

Nike TV & Film advertisements

Foot Locker x Nike - Be The Baddest

Go get a ball. Find a hoop. I'll be waiting. Be the #THEBADD35T Advertising Agency: Wieden +...see more →

Nike TV & Film advertisements

Nike "The Baddest"

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA Creative Directors:Ryan O’Rourke, Alberto Ponte...see more →