Industrial & Agriculture Advertisements

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AustralBricks Print advertisements

AustralBricks: Timeless style

Advertising Agency: Tango Communications, New Zealand Executive Creative Director: Vaughn Davis /...see more →

Yale Locks
Yale Print advertisements

Yale: The world's favourite lock

No way inYale. The world's favourite lock Advertising Agency: Grey Group Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...see more →

Grant Elevators ad
Grant Elevators Print advertisements

Grant Elevators: Lift your style

Grant Elevators. Lift your style. Advertising Agency: Block, Perth, Australia Creative Director:...see more →

Sharpie print
Sharpie Print advertisements

Sharpie: Sharpie Twin Tip. One story. Two points.

Sharpie Twin Tip. One story. Two points.   Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Sao Paulo, Brazil...see more →

Kepler Weber ads
Kepler Weber Print advertisements

Kepler Weber: Delivers Your Future

Delivers Your Future Advertising Agency: Dez Comunicação, Porto Alegre, Brazil / Creative...see more →

The Home Depot TV & Film advertisements

The Home Depot: We take care of our customers

We take care of our customers. We take care of each other. Thanks. Advertising Agency: The Richards...see more →

3M ads
3M Print advertisements

3M: Surround Sound Headphones

Advertising Agency: Grey 141, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Directors: Pedro Cappeletti, Daniel Perez...see more →

PEFC ads
PEFC Print advertisements

PEFC: Choose PEFC certified wood products

The Congo rainforest is under threat. Choose PEFC certified wood products. / The Gabon rainforest...see more →

DongPeng ads
DongPeng Print advertisements

DongPeng: Extra-strong ceramic tiles

Client: DongPeng It's hard.Extra-strong ceramic tiles. Advertising Agency: D&S, Beijing, China...see more →

Isover print ads
Isover Print advertisements

Isover: Noise perishes

Client: Isover Oh OuiiiiNoise perishes in Isover. Acoustic insulation for walls and ceilings....see more →

Norma Atelier print
Norma Atelier Print advertisements

Norma Atelier: Professional Line

Professional Line. Scholar Line. Client: Norma Atelier Advertising agency: DDB, Medellín, Colombia...see more →

BIC print ads
BIC Print advertisements

BIC: That's such a BIC IDEA

Client: BIC Advertising Agency: Publicis, Spain Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Okada /...see more →

Tintas Verginia ads
Tintas Verginia Print advertisements

Tintas Verginia: He colored smile on people

He colored smile on people, at the time the world lacked colors. Client: Tintas Verginia ...see more →

Black&Decker print ads
Black&Decker Print advertisements

Black&Decker: Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities Client: Black&Decker Advertising Agency: KinCom, Santiago, Chile...see more →

Morton ads
Morton Construction Print advertisements

Morton: someone will have to buy an appartment

someone will have to buy an appartment Client: Morton Construction Advertising Agency: Media Storm...see more →

Svitol ads
Svitol Print advertisements

Svitol: The best for small mechanisms

The best for small mechanisms. Client: Svitol Technik Lube Advertising Agency: BCube, Milan, Italy...see more →

Insecticides ads
Insecticides (India) Limited Print advertisements

Insecticides (India) Limited: Build Your Vegetable's Immunity

Build Your Vegetable's Immunity Advertising Agency: BEI Confluence, New Delhi, India Chief...see more →

Manufactura Ambient advertisements

Short On Shorts

Local printing house MANUFACTURA wanted to deliver fast textile printing message to AD people...see more →

Baygon ads
Baygon Print advertisements

Treat them as they treat you

"Treat them as they treat you." Advertising Agency: ZEA BBDO, Caracas, Venezuela Creative Directors...see more →

Ecoya ads
Ecoya Print advertisements

Ecoya: Just add candlelight

Just add candlelight Client: Ecoya Soy Candles Advertising Agency: Special Group, New Zealand...see more →