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Playstation ads
PlayStation Print advertisements

Playstation touch both sides

Touch both sides for added enjoyment.PSVITA Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France Art Director:...see more →

Jeep ads
Jeep Print advertisements

Jeep: Trailer

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett France Creative Director: Xavier Beauregard / Art Director: Rémi...see more →

BIC TV & Film advertisements

BIC: And the winner is...

Advertising Agency: Toy Agency, Paris, France Creative Director: Nicolas De...see more →

Decathlon ads
Decathlon Ambient advertisements

Holliday-makers straight from the beach

How to bring holliday-makers straight from the beach to the store ?*€10 discount on presentation of...see more →

Dacia Print advertisements

Dacia: It's amazing what you can put in € 7990

Dacia Dokker Van It's amazing what you can put in € 7990 Advertising Agency:Publicis Conseil,...see more →

Red Cross ads
Red Cross Print advertisements

A ray of light

Donate. Advertising Agency: 6AM / Fullsix Group Creative Director: Laurent Bodson / Art Directors...see more →

Orange TV & Film advertisements

A tribute to the indomitable spirit of African supporters

The film is a celebration of the fact that for true fans their love of football means no distance...see more →

Surfrider Foundation ads
Surfrider Foundation Print advertisements

Surfrider Foundation: Stop the invasion

"Stop the invasion. Let's reduce our plastic footprint, the sea is full. Beach cleanup days from...see more →

Volkswagen TV & Film advertisements

Volkswagen Key for Touran Match

Advertising Agency: .V., France Creative Director: Christian Vince / Art Director: David...see more →

Disneyland ads
Disneyland Print advertisements

Disneyland: Santa

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Creative Directors: Richard Desrousseaux, Etienne Turquet...see more →

Lego ads
Lego Print advertisements

Creativity forgives everything

Creativity forgives everything. Advertising Agency: Grey, Paris, France Creative Directors:...see more →

Médecins du monde
Médecins du monde Outdoor advertisements

Médecins du monde: Some policies just make you sick!

Client: Médecins du monde (Doctors of the world) "The best healthcare system in the world?"...see more →

Renault print ads
Renault Print advertisements

Renault - Red is dead

The concept “Red is dead” is a friendly gibe directed at Ferrari and its emblematic colour. By...see more →

Optifog TV & Film advertisements

The New Technology Against Fog

Entirely improbable but made me smile. Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France...see more →

Renault Megane ads
Renault Print advertisements


NEW MEGANE DCI 130ONLY 3.5 L / 100 KM Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France...see more →

Renault Megane
Renault Print advertisements

Renault Megane: 1700 km with one tank

1700 km with one tank. Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France Chief Creative Officer...see more →

Shutterstock ads
Shutterstock Print advertisements

Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Edgar Degas

"From scratch to masterpiece" Advertising Agency:, France Creative Director:...see more →

Surfrider Foundation print ads
Surfrider Foundation Print advertisements

Surfrider Foundation: Help us to sue the polluters

Busted! Help us to sue the polluters. Donate. Client: Surfrider Foundation Advertising Agency: Y...see more →

Stihl ads
Stihl Print advertisements

The most powerful leaf blower

Leaf Blower BG-86D. The most powerful leaf blower. Advertising Agency: Publicis...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print advertisements

Help save 500000 civilians

The arms trade kills 500,000 civilians a year. Help us regulate it. Advertising Agency:...see more →