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Asus Online advertisements

ASUS: The World’s Most Modern Bird

Flap your wings and clean your beaks! Meet Edward and his T100, most probably… the world’s most...see more →

IKEA Online advertisements

IKEA Supper Club: Kitchen Blind Test

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius // Art...see more →

Mercedes Online advertisements

Mercedes E-Class Estate - The Transportable Banner

Mercedes wanted to promote their E-Class Estate via bannering. The E-Class Estate is the most...see more →

Philips Online advertisements

Philips: Make it before sunrise

See the work at Advertising Agency: Achtung!, Netherlands...see more →

Samsung Online advertisements

Samgsung: 'The time left to you'

We tend to tell ourselves that we have next time, putting off the time to be together. But, you don...see more →

Durex: Babies to Babes
Durex Online advertisements

Durex: Babies to Babes

URL: more →

BIC Online advertisements

BIC: Universal Typeface

see the website at Advertising Agency: DDB Düsseldorf, Germany...see more →

British Airways Online advertisements

British Airways: The true story of Chitra

Experience the Welcome of Home with British Airways here The...see more →

Huggies Online advertisements

Huggies: Happy moments because we’re together

Even though the infant care is a harsh and difficult process,  those little moments that mothers...see more →

Mercedes Online advertisements

Mercedes-Benz „The Decision Pilot“

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany Managing Director:Stefan Mohr, Fabian...see more →

Sony Online advertisements

Go The Distance featuring the Brownlee Brothers - Day 2

The second #GoTheDistance film is here. After an exhausting day 1, how will the Brownlee Brothers...see more →

Guinness Online advertisements

Guinness: life and passion

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK Producer: Nick Godden / Creative Director: Dave Buchannan...see more →

Honda Online advertisements

Honda 'The Other Side' - Trailer

Everyone has another side. Find out more at #TypeR Advertising...see more →

Sprite Online advertisements

Sprite Presents: LeBron James' First Home Game

Advertising Agency: Translation, New York, USA LeBron James’ first home court game appearance won’t...see more →

Amnesty International Online advertisements

Amnesty International: Help the victims of torture

Help the victims of torture and abuse to be heard. Sign the petition at http://soundsfromtorture....see more →

Gillette Online advertisements

Gillette Mach3: The Precision To Do Things

Advertising Agency: Grey Brasil, Brazil Creative Directors: Daniel Perez, Federico Russi Art...see more →

KFC ads
KFC Online advertisements

KFC sends a weekly newsletter

KFC Romania sends a weekly newsletter with new offers and products, and was looking for a way to...see more →

Kit Kat Online advertisements

Kit Kat: GHAB Campaign video

KITKAT, together with JWT Amsterdam launch the first ever nationwide break for...see more →

Honda Online advertisements


Advertising Agency: McCann, Tel Aviv, Israel Chief Creative officer: Ami Alush Art Director: Hagar...see more →

Fender Online advertisements

Fender Penny Presser

The Fender Penny Presser transforms useless pennies into useful instruments while...see more →