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Viking ads
Viking Print advertisements

It only stops when you want it to

It only stops when you want it to. Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris,...see more →

Tommee Tippee ads
Tommee Tippee Print advertisements

The judge of what's Natural

"I'll be the judge of what's Natural. / I can only take so much Change. / You want me to switch to...see more →

Dormeo ads
Dormeo Print advertisements

Sleep on memory foam springs

"Bed. The best place on earth just got better. / So comfortable you'll want to go to bed early. So...see more →

Coloria ads
Coloria Print advertisements

BORN Again

Advertising Agency: Herezie Paris, France Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci /...see more →

Kursiv ads
Kursiv Outdoor advertisements

Kursiv Lightning Systems

Advertising Agency: KOMET, Switzerland Creative Director: Thom Pfister / Copywriters:...see more →

Fevikwik Instant adhesive ads
Fevikwik Print advertisements

Fevikwik Instant adhesive

Instant adhesive Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai, India National Creative Directors: Abhijit...see more →

Capstar ads
Capstar Print advertisements

Immediate relief from fleas

Immediate relief from fleas. Advertising Agency: Auberon Fosher, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director...see more →

SPA ads
Spa Print advertisements

Completely clean

Completely clean. Advertising Agency: Think Factory, Bangkok, Thailand Executive Creative Director...see more →

Tefal ads
Tefal Print advertisements

Just the juice

Just the juice. Advertising Agency: BBDO Proximity, Bangkok, Thailand Chief Creative Officer:...see more →

Scotch Online advertisements

Scotch: Duct Tape Digital

We have made duct tape, digital -- how stupid is that. The products temporary feeling inspires even...see more →

Purina ads
Purina Print advertisements

Purina: At least some dreams come true

At least some dreams come true. Purina Fancy Feast. Advertising School: Humber College, Toronto,...see more →

Tide TV & Film advertisements

Miracle Stain

A miracle Joe Montana stain leads to 15 minutes of fame for one lucky 49ers fan. Too bad his wife...see more →

Vanish ads
Vanish Print advertisements

Valentine's Day memories

Let the Valentine's Day memories stay only on your mind. Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide...see more →

Ariel ads
Ariel Print advertisements

Ariel: Unleash it on stain

Unleash it on stain. Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Warsaw, Poland Creative Director:...see more →

Lar Center ads
Lar Center Print advertisements

Lar Center Cheap furniture

Cheap furniture doesn't have to look on sale. Advertising Agency: ageisobar, São Paulo, Brazil...see more →

BIC TV & Film advertisements

BIC: And the winner is...

Advertising Agency: Toy Agency, Paris, France Creative Director: Nicolas De...see more →

Scotch ads
Scotch Print advertisements

Scotch: 100% transparent

100% transparent Advertising Agency: Pro publicidad, Santiago, Chile Creative Director: Gastón...see more →

IKEA Ambient advertisements

IKEA for Madeira

Launch of the IKEA online store for Madeira Advertising Agency: TBWA Lisbon, Portugal Creative...see more →

IKEA TV & Film advertisements

IKEA: Night Walkers by Jesper Ericstam

Advertising Agency: Akestam Holst, Sweden Creative Director: Andrea Ullenius / ...see more →

Ariel ads
Ariel Print advertisements

Ariel: Where the story ends

Where the story ends. Advertising agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv, Israel Executive...see more →