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Renault Ambient advertisements

Renault: Energy dCi 110 hp only consumes 3.5 l per 100 km

Renault just developed the most fuel-efficient engine in its category. The new Energy dCi 110 hp...see more →

Telenor Ambient advertisements

Telenor: Sound of Silence Casevideo

Telenor is the leading telecom company in Norway and the only provider of HD Voice. A new...see more →

WWF Ambient advertisements

World Wildlife Fund: Ant rally

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Germany GmbH, Duesseldorf Creative Directors: Christian Mommertz,...see more →

Outback Steakhouse Ambient advertisements

Outback Steakhouse: Bringing virtual happy birthdays to life

Advertising Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil Creative Directors: Manir Fadel, Mariana Sa, Cesar...see more →

Nintendo Ambient advertisements

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for Nintendo 3DS

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for Nintendo 3DS is out now!Official Site: http://donkeykong....see more →

Oficina do Açúcar Ambient advertisements

Oficina do Açúcar: Dreams Come Cake

Even though we're a small cake design store, we aim to be the world's best. And just like Cristiano...see more →

Axe ads
Axe Ambient advertisements

Axe: Break the glass in case she said

Break the glass in case she said "no". Advertising Agency: TBWA East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya...see more →

Durex Ambient advertisements


Advertising Agency: Havas WW, Milan, Italy Executive Creative Director: Giovanni Porro / Creative...see more →

Pepsi Ambient advertisements

Pepsi Like Machine - Live for now

Pepsi wanted to create a new way of sampling. An easy way to engage with consumers and know who is...see more →

MINI ads
Mini Ambient advertisements

MINI Cars Become Toys. Wind It.

Briefing: Create buzz for MINI in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. Idea: To...see more →

Heineken Ambient advertisements

Heineken - The Wall of Opportunities

During Milan Design Week 2013, Heineken invited everybody to Open Your World at "The Wall of...see more →

Hellmann's Ambient advertisements

Hellmann's: Food Slot

To prove that Hellmann's goes with anything, we created Hellmann's Food Slot. Just pull the lever...see more →

Fiat ads
Fiat Ambient advertisements

Fiat: Change your perception of space

Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Rodrigo Allgayer /...see more →

Amnesty International print
Amnesty International Ambient advertisements

Amnesty International: Unlock the future of innocents

Unlock the future of innocents. Donate now. Art Director: Stefan Apswoude / Copywriter: Jaap...see more →

Hospital A.C.Camargo Cancer Center Ambient advertisements

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center - Superformula to Fight Cancer

The first step in the fight against cancer is believing in the cure. But the chemotherapy treatment...see more →

DEVK Insurance ads
DEVK Insurance Ambient advertisements

DEVK Insurance: How do you explain that to your Insurance company?

Our idea played with the typical fan cam on the the big screen during halftime. While the audience...see more →

TELUS Ambient advertisements

TELUS: Journée du bénévolat

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Montreal, Canada Production company: 1ONE  / Producer: Marc-André Gilbert...see more →

Philips Ambient advertisements

Philips: 800w power and ultra-sharp blades

To promote the ultimate blending machine, we created the ultimate blended fruit. Literally. Philips...see more →

Mini Ambient advertisements

Mini Cooper: Don't makeup & drive

There's a place for everything. Don't makeup & drive. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mexico...see more →

WWF Ambient advertisements

WWF: a soccer match in Brazil

Intervention developed for WWF and aired during the broadcast of a soccer match in Brazil....see more →