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Dole print ads
McKinney Print advertisements

McKinney: Nuts are better in Crunches

All your favourite nuts in one. Nuts are better in Crunches. Advertising Agency: Barnes Catmur...see more →

El Universo print ads
El Universo Print advertisements

El Universo: Young Lions Ecuador - Make history

El Universo Young Lions Ecuador Advertising Agency: Koenig & Partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador...see more →

Acura Print advertisements

Acura: Lightning in a Bottle

You never know when inspiration will strike. The new 2016 ILX with an 8-Speed Dual-Clutch...see more →

Bayer print ads
Bayer Print advertisements

Bayer: Poncho Plus

"The seed treatment that little monsters fear." Advertising Agency: redhanded, Australia Creative...see more →

Volkswagen print ads
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen: Design from the outside

New Beetle. Design from the outside. Fun from the inside. Advertising Agency: Publicidad Causa,...see more →

Alzheimer's Association print ads
Alzheimer's Association Print advertisements

Alzheimer's Association: Art Exhibition

Client: Alzheimer’s Association, California “Daughter” “Husband” “Grandson” Chief creative officer...see more →

Mortein print ads
Mortein Print advertisements

Mortein: mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents

Introduction: Due to ever increasing global heat, the modern environment has become a very...see more →

Divyayog print ads
Divyayog Print advertisements

Divyayog: Learn Ancient Authentic Aqua Yoga

Advertising Agency: Seagull, Pune, India Creative Director / Copywriter: Sanju...see more →

LG print ads
LG Print advertisements

LG: Long battery life

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Israel Executive Creative Director: Maya Kerman / ...see more →

Lloyds Pharmacy print ads
Lloyds Pharmacy Print advertisements

Lloyds Pharmacy: more anti oxidants

Advertising Agency: Havas, Duesseldorf, Germany Creative Director: Marjorieth...see more →

Sapir College print ads
Sapir College Print advertisements

Sapir College: What you know is what you are.

What you know is what you are. Advertising Agency: McCann, Tel-Aviv, Israel Creative Director: ...see more →

Toronto Humane Society print ads
Toronto Humane Society Print advertisements

Toronto Humane Society: The world's first puppy subscription service.

The world's first puppy subscription service. Advertising Agency: Grip Limited, Canada Creative...see more →

CLIO Awards print ads
CLIO Awards Print advertisements

CLIO Awards: the experts decide

The CLIO Creative Bowl. Where the experts decide the big game's best ad. Advertising Agency: ...see more →

Wizard São Luís English School
Wizard São Luís English School Print advertisements

Wizard São Luís English School: Easy peasy

Easy peasy. Advertising Agency: Sniper, São Luís, Brazil Creative Director / Art Director /...see more →

Responsible Young Drivers print ads
Responsible Young Drivers Print advertisements

Responsible Young Drivers: Twitter has no place on the road

Twitter has no place on the road. Using the phone while driving is responsible of 1 accident in 10...see more →

Mercedes-Benz print ads
Mercedes Print advertisements

Mercedes-Benz: Removes dents from your car and reputation

Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair. Removes dents from your car and reputation. Advertising Agency: ...see more →

Tide print ads
Tide Print advertisements

Tide: What does your shirt say?

What does your shirt say? Art Director: Amanda Keffer Copywriter: Ian Holmes Photographers: Amanda...see more →

Smart print ads
Smart Print advertisements

Smart: zip

Advertising Agency: Slogan Propaganda, Fortaleza, Brazil Creative Director:Sergio...see more →

Consejo Norte Cultura
Consejo Norte Cultura Print advertisements

Consejo Norte Cultura: For many it is a business

For many it is a business. For us, it is our culture. Don't let them take it away. Trafficking in...see more →

Roberto Haddad Auctions
Roberto Haddad Auctions Print advertisements

Roberto Haddad Auctions: Finding needles in haystacks

Advertising Agency: 11:21, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Creative Director / Copywriter: ...see more →