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Bliss ads
Bliss Print advertisements

Bliss Really Cares

Really cares of your body Advertising Agency: Looma, Kishinev, Moldova Creative Director / Art...see more →

Axe ads
Axe Print advertisements

Axe Shower Gel Cleaner

The cleaner you are. The dirtier you get. Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK Executive Creative...see more →

NIVEA Online advertisements

Nivea: Presenting 4 new shower gels

Singing in the shower community presents the first ever social karaoke. Here voices of two random...see more →

Band Aid TV & Film advertisements

A nice young nurse and a ex coma patient

Director: Will Kindrick Producer: Jeffrey Benavides / Director of Photogrpahy: Chris Saul /...see more →

Maxam ads
Maxam Print advertisements

Don't let germs settle down

Don't let germs settle down. Advertising Agency: JWT, Shanghai, China...see more →

Optifog TV & Film advertisements

The New Technology Against Fog

Entirely improbable but made me smile. Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France...see more →

Green Beaver TV & Film advertisements

Frosty Mint - Smile Naturally

"Holding a natural smile in an uncomfortable situation can be a tiresome thing, so if you have to...see more →

Old Spice ambient ads
Old Spice Ambient advertisements

Old Spice: New fragrance: the Champion

BRIEF: Our task was to raise awareness around Old Spice's new fragrance: the Champion. This product...see more →

Old Spice ads
Old Spice Print advertisements

Pure man scent

Pure man scent Advertising Agency: Proximity, Santiago, Chile...see more →

Otrivin ads
Otrivin Print advertisements

Otrivin does the trick

"Treat your seasonal allergies" Advertising Agency: Y&R, Belgium Creative Director: Mateusz...see more →

Gillette ads
Gillette Print advertisements

What's inside your beard?

A lot can happen inside the beard Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York...see more →

Oral-B ads
Oral-B Ambient advertisements

Oral-B: Plaque is hidden

Plaque is hidden between your teeth. Client: Oral-B Advertising Agency: Beacon Communications/Leo...see more →

Gillette print
Gillette Print advertisements

Gillette: Changing the face of history since 1901

"U.S. Ambassadors to Germany / U.S. Major Generals / U.S. Orchestra DirectorsChanging the face of...see more →

Avon ads
Avon Print advertisements

Upside-down Fairytale Nails collection

"Upside-down Fairytale Nails collection You will fall deeply asleep only for partying late. /...see more →

St John Ambulance TV & Film advertisements

St John Ambulance: Helpless

This St John Ambulance advert follows the journey of a man diagnosed with cancer who undergoes...see more →

Colgate ads
Colgate Print advertisements

Colgate Dental Floss

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Director: Rui Branquinho /...see more →

Clínica Dempere ads
Clínica Dempere Print advertisements

Clínica Dempere make fairy tales come true

"We make fairy tales come true." Advertising Agency: ZEA BBDO, Venezuela Creative...see more →

Baruel Foot Deodorant ads
Baruel Print advertisements

Get rid of the smelly feet with Baruel Foot Deodorant

"Get rid of the smelly feet before the others get rid of you." Advertising Agency: Z+...see more →

Axe print ads
Axe Print advertisements

Axe: Sorry Harry

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK Creative Directors: David Kolbusz, Dominic...see more →

Old Spice TV & Film advertisements

Old Spice: Muscle Music remix

"Watch me jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead,...see more →