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Weight Watchers TV & Film advertisements

Weight Watchers: Everyone has a butt

Everyone has a butt. And every butt has a story. This is one. Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy...see more →

Axe TV & Film advertisements

Axe: Less effort, more style

A little effort goes a long way so make the most of your hair while it is still there. Experiment...see more →

The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Print advertisements

The Art of Shaving: It's ok to ask

It's ok to ask Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg...see more →

Dolce Milk print ads
Dolce Milk Print advertisements

Dolce Milk: Cream for dry hands

Cream for dry hands Advertising Agency: Paistudio, Bogota, Colombia Creative...see more →

Axe TV & Film advertisements

Axe: How you feel says it all

When you feel your finest, people perceive you as so much more. Stay confidently fresh with New AXE...see more →

BeautyTech Print advertisements

BeautyTech: I can't tonight

Advertising Agency: ImpactBBDO, Beirut, Lebanon Chief Creative Officer: Walid Kanaan / Creative...see more →

Johnson & Johnson TV & Film advertisements

With Johnson’s Baby wipes, nothing holds your child back

Your little one’s life awaits many magical firsts and sometimes things can get a little messy here...see more →

Delicious By Carmex
Carmex Print advertisements

'very berry' Delicious By Carmex

"Delicious By Carmex A tongue in cheek campaign for Carmex that features bold...see more →

Kotex TV & Film advertisements

Kotex White Wearable Overnight: White Ggulzam pad

OBJECTIVE Raise awareness of the WHITE new product “Wearable Overnight” As the “...see more →

Oral-B TV & Film advertisements

Merry beeping Christmas from Oral-B

Whatever happens, at least your don’t have to worry about your smile! #BeepingXmas Advertising...see more →

Old Spice TV & Film advertisements

Old Spice: He's a man! He's a boy!

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman, ...see more →

Axe Online advertisements

Axe: The evolution of hooking up

Advertising Agency: Digital Republic, Cairo, Egypt Creative Director: Karim A. Yusuf / Senior...see more →

Garnier Print advertisements

Garnier: 20% more color.

Client: Garnier Nutrisse 20% more color. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Santiago, Chile Creative...see more →

Durex: Babies to Babes
Durex Online advertisements

Durex: Babies to Babes

URL: more →

The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Print advertisements

The Art of Shaving: Evolution needs a gentle reminder every morning.

Evolution needs a gentle reminder every morning. Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA Chief...see more →

Schick TV & Film advertisements

Schick Hydro Groomer - "Crib in my Pants."

Check out our original music video for the New Schick Hydro Groomer mens razor. It tells the story...see more →

Head & Shoulders TV & Film advertisements

Head & Shoulders: Ridiculous stuff!

Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam, Netherlands Creative Directors:Maarten...see more →

The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Print advertisements

The Art of Shaving: Happy Father's Day

Give a gift he'll love, no, really love. Happy Father's Day. Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York,...see more →

Alifresh oral spray
Alifresh Print advertisements

Alifresh - Leave no evidence

Client: Alifresh oral spray Advertising Agency: GC Herrera, Quito, Ecuador Creative Director: Byron...see more →

Gillette Online advertisements

Gillette Mach3: The Precision To Do Things

Advertising Agency: Grey Brasil, Brazil Creative Directors: Daniel Perez, Federico Russi Art...see more →