Direct Marketing Advertisements

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NiQuitin ads
NiQuitin Direct Marketing advertisements

NiQuitin: Calendar

A calendar that helps people in their daily fight against smoking, by using the prisoner's language...see more →

Anjali Knives ads
Anjali Direct Marketing advertisements

Anjali: Keeps innovating products

Anjali is a leading kitchenware brand in India. Determined to minimize the time and efforts put in...see more →

HBO Direct Marketing advertisements

HBO: Game Of Thrones Handwritten letter

Advertising Agency: Seligemig, Frederiksberg C, Denmark Creative Director: Simon Engstrøm / Art...see more →

Seth Pathology Laboratory direct marketing ads
Seth Pathology Laboratory Direct Marketing advertisements

Seth Pathology Laboratory: A business card as an envelope

The Background: In India, the first case of the Swine Flu was detected in...see more →

SPCA Direct Marketing advertisements

A special carry box

"While the successful MINI Driving Dogs campaign was running, we wanted to give all the other...see more →

Solar Earplugs
3M Direct Marketing advertisements

3M's Solar Earplugs

The task was to develop an original promotional packaging solution that immediately conveyed the...see more →

Land Rover Direct Marketing advertisements

The Land Rover Escape Key

BRIEF: To promote and instill the classic adventurous spirit of Land Rover in the next generation...see more →

Dhl ads
DHL Direct Marketing advertisements

DHL Import Express is the safest choice

Why we ran an ad in a Chinese newspaper and sent it back to Australia. We were charged with proving...see more →

Apollo Eye Clinic ads
Apollo Eye Clinic Direct Marketing advertisements

Eye Chart - calendar

Advertising Agency: Bitopi Advertising Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh Creative Director: Vedobroto Roy /...see more →

Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital Direct Marketing advertisements

A Childish Letter

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital raises funds for toys, healing gardens and...see more →

Birla Motor Insurance ads
Birla Motor Insurance Direct Marketing advertisements

Accidents can rip-off your bank balance

"Accidents can rip-off your bank balance. Car Insurance can reverse it. No matter who is at fault,...see more →

Coca-Cola Direct Marketing advertisements

Coca-Cola: Cool Magazine Amplifier

Attached to the cover, the art allows readers to turn the magazine into an amplifier. Simply roll...see more →

Red Cross ads
Red Cross Direct Marketing advertisements

Red Cross: Crumbs are not enough

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw, Poland Creative Director:Max Olech / Deputy...see more →

Volkswagen ads
Volkswagen Direct Marketing advertisements

The BlueMotion Label

To help promote Volkswagen's range of Bluemotion vehicles, we produced the above direct print...see more →

Blush print ad
Blush Direct Marketing advertisements

Blush: Which cup size are you?

Which cup size are you? Advertising Agency: glow, Germany Chief Creative Officer: Johannes Krempl...see more →

Listerine print ads
Listerine Direct Marketing advertisements

Listerine: Prepare for a breathtaking moment

Flipbook with Bad Breath Insights, Strategy and Idea: Bad breath is one the most embarrassing...see more →

E-mart Direct Marketing advertisements

Shadow-Activated QR Code

For all the talk of mobile-marketing tech, there remains a pretty wide gap between the potential...see more →

Amnesty International print ads
Amnesty International Direct Marketing advertisements

Amnesty International Venezuela original idea

Megaphone Mug Amnesty International seeks funds to maintain its activities in...see more →

NIVEA Direct Marketing advertisements

NIVEA: Nivea Sun everyday

TARGET: Asian people, including Koreans, who prefer white skin. CHALLENGE: People do not use...see more →

IKEA Direct Marketing advertisements

IKEA: Career Instructions

Advertising Ageny: The Monkeys, Australia Executive Creative Directors: Justin...see more →