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McDonald's Online advertisements

McDonald's: a collection of signs

For years, McDonald's signs across the country have been used to spread messages...see more →

Dr Pepper TV & Film advertisements

Dr Pepper: Mop Dog

Be true to yourself and you'll never be lost... Dr Pepper. Always Be One of a Kind. Advertising...see more →

Tide print ads
Tide Print advertisements

Tide: What does your shirt say?

What does your shirt say? Art Director: Amanda Keffer Copywriter: Ian Holmes Photographers: Amanda...see more →

Toyota TV & Film advertisements

Toyota: Tacoma Reveal

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA, USA Creative Director: John Payne / ...see more →

Tiffany & Co. ads
Tiffany & Co. Print advertisements

Tiffany & Co.: Will you?

 "Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences or singing off-key, which I'm afraid you...see more →

Victoria's Secret TV & Film advertisements

Victoria's Secret: Slow Sultry Swim

Advertised brand: Victoria's Secret Advert title: Slow Sultry Swim Advertising...see more →

State Farm TV & Film advertisements

State Farm: "Being Aaron"

Aaron Rodgers is obviously busy this weekend, so we double checked the world and found this British...see more →

United Airlines ads
United Airlines Outdoor advertisements

United Airlines: Legroom friendly. That's Economy Plus.

Legroom friendly. That's Economy Plus. Advertising Agency: mcgarrybowen, New York...see more →

Delta Airlines Online advertisements

Delta Airlines: thank you!

Our passengers spent 2014 traveling the world, doing amazing things. To the 165 million of you who...see more →

Lexus TV & Film advertisements

Lexus: First-Ever Lexus NX

Iconic lighting. Dynamic display. Turbocharged performance. Boldly designed to take you beyond...see more →

Adidas TV & Film advertisements

Adidas: Superstar shoe

When the Superstar shoe was first launched by adidas back in 1969, the word ‘Superstar...see more →

The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Print advertisements

The Art of Shaving: It's ok to ask

It's ok to ask Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg...see more →

Office Depot TV & Film advertisements

Office Depot: Gear up for great

Are you someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things? If so, you might be...see more →

Canon Ambient advertisements

Canon: Tangible

"Tangible" is an experimental treatment for anorexia patients, developed by Canon...see more →

Nike TV & Film advertisements

Nike: Powered by you

Powered by you. Told by Nike+. The beautifully animated, unique story of Your Year: https://...see more →

VH1 TV & Film advertisements

VH1: Hindsight

Every day, we ask ourselves "What if I had the chance to go back and do things differently?" We...see more →

The New York Times print ads
The New York Times Print advertisements

The New York Times: Roots are stronger than walls

Roots are stronger than walls Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA Art Director:Marina...see more →

Levi's TV & Film advertisements

Levi's: Made to be Destroyed

A pair of Levi’s jeans can be eternal. Not only because of its quality makes it last longer, but...see more →

Adidas print ads
Adidas Print advertisements

Adidas: StellaSport

"The adidas StellaSport girl is young, current and vibrant, looking to make a...see more →

TurboTax TV & Film advertisements

TurboTax: Get your taxes done right

Traveling for work can be fun. Or terrible. Or at least a good story for Monday. No matter what you...see more →