India Advertisements

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Metro Shoe Laundry ambient ads
Metro Shoe Laundry Ambient advertisements

Metro Shoe Laundry: Keep them clean

When your shoes come home, they don't come alone. Keep them clean. Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Insecticides ads
Insecticides (India) Limited Print advertisements

Insecticides (India) Limited: Build Your Vegetable's Immunity

Build Your Vegetable's Immunity Advertising Agency: BEI Confluence, New Delhi, India Chief...see more →

Albert Dali Naming Consultants print
Albert Dali Naming Consultants Print advertisements

A good name is a conversation starter

Albert Dali. Because a good name is a conversation starter. Advertising Agency: Lucifer Labs,...see more →

Ford Endeavour print ads
Ford Print advertisements

Ford Endeavour 4x4 language

The 4x4 language. Advertising Agency: JWT, Delhi, India Creative Directors: Bobby Pawar, Vijay...see more →

Graphology Experts ads
Graphology Experts Print advertisements

I did not fix it

"I was not there. / I did not fix it. / I didn't steal." Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Costa ads
Costa Print advertisements

Over a delicious muffin

Catch up at CostaOver the world's favourite coffee Advertising Agency: BEI...see more →

Fevikwik Instant adhesive ads
Fevikwik Print advertisements

Fevikwik Instant adhesive

Instant adhesive Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai, India National Creative Directors: Abhijit...see more →

Kuoni TV & Film advertisements

Kuoni: add joy to your holidays

Do Holidays bring happiness to your life? Do you start packing a week before? Don't you wish the...see more →

Global Security Systems ads
Global Security Systems Print advertisements

Global Security Faces

I don't really like the way the headline and brand name are written upside down. Advertising Agency...see more →

Panasonic Musical Doorbells
Panasonic Print advertisements

Panasonic Musical Doorbells: Interruptions are inevitable. At least make them melodious.

Interruptions are inevitable. At least make them melodious. Advertising Agency: Scarecrow...see more →

World For All ads
World For All Print advertisements

Dogs cure depression

Dogs cure depression. Adopt one. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India National...see more →

Nataraj Pencils ads
Nataraj Pencils Print advertisements

Superior lead in pencils

Superior lead matters Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India National Creative...see more →

PETA ads
PETA Print advertisements

PETA: Adopt Indian Dogs

Advertising Agency: Chirpy Elephant, Chennai, India Creative Directors: Jayaraman, Leela Ram /...see more →

Panasonic print ads
Panasonic Print advertisements

Panasonic: Spot them when they are small.

Spot them when they are small. Advertising Agency: Scarecrow Communications, Mumbai, India...see more →

3M ads
3M Print advertisements

Sticky on both sides

Sticky on both sides. Advertising Agency: Grey, India Creative Directors: Amit...see more →

Aircel advert
Aircel Print advertisements

Let your talk, talk

Let your talk, talk. Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, New Delhi, India Art Director...see more →

Volkswagen Touareg ads
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen Touareg Cornering lights

Cornering lights now standard on Touareg. Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, Mumbai, India Chief...see more →

Crocin ads
Crocin Print advertisements

Crocin: take your headache out

Product: Crocin Pain Relief Tablets Why take your headache out on others? Advertising Agency: Grey...see more →

Jeans ads
Killer Jeans Print advertisements

My Jeans Save 80% Water

"My Jeans Save 80% Water" Advertising Agency: Grey, Mumbai, India Executive Creative Directors:...see more →

Birla Motor Insurance ads
Birla Motor Insurance Direct Marketing advertisements

Accidents can rip-off your bank balance

"Accidents can rip-off your bank balance. Car Insurance can reverse it. No matter who is at fault,...see more →