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Conservation International
Conservation International Print advertisements

Conservation International: preserve several species in Brazil

"If man needed the blue macaw's meat would they be endangered?When there is an economical interest...see more →

Hortifruti Print advertisements

Hortifruti: Only the good ones get in

Only the good ones get in. Advertising Agency: MP, Espírito Santo, Brazil Creative Directors:...see more →

TMO Bone Marrow Transplant Institute
TMO Print advertisements

TMO: Do one good deed that worth for many

Do one good deed that worth for many. Advertising Agency: Heads, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative...see more →

LG ads
LG Print advertisements

LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV

That's not a big screen. This is a big screen. LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV. Advertising Agency: Y&R...see more →

Protex ads
Protex Print advertisements

Protex - Stay away from germs

Stay away from germs.Effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. Advertising Agency: Y&R, São...see more →

Samsung Ambient advertisements

Samsung: Notebooks fly over audience in Drones

To launch it's more recently notebook line in São Paulo, multinational Korean company, Samsung,...see more →

Project Lembrar
Project Lembrar Print advertisements

Project Lembrar: Alzheimer's erases

Alzheimer's erases even when what you never thought you would forget. Advertising Agency: Z+...see more →

Band Aid
Band Aid Print advertisements

Band Aid: Censored cuts

Advertising School: Miami Ad School / ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil Art Director / Illustrator: Rogerio...see more →

Even Mouthwash
Even Mouthwash Print advertisements

Even Mouthwash: Remove all dirt

Remove all dirt. Advertising Agency: DM/Blackninja, Recife, Brazil Creative Director: Lenilson...see more →

Volkswagen Delivery Trucks
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen: The right size for your needs

Volkswagen Delivery Trucks.The right size for your needs. Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo...see more →

Tucca Ambient advertisements

Tucca: Awesome Magic Coins

Client: Tucca (Association Against Childhood Cancer) Advertising Agency: Lua Propaganda, Brazil Art...see more →

LG car audio
LG Print advertisements

LG car audio with handsfree bluetooth

"LG car audio with handsfree bluetooth. The stereo that answers the phone for you." Advertising...see more →

Peugeot Print advertisements

Peugeot: Precision in a world without Peugeot Park Assist

Precision in a world without Peugeot Park Assist. Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil...see more →

Honda CRF Line
Honda Print advertisements

Honda: Off-road spirit on two wheels

Off-road spirit on two wheels. Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative...see more →

Hospital de Olhos do Paraná
Hospital de Olhos do Paraná Print advertisements

Hospital de Olhos do Paraná: Prevent eye diseases

"So close, but not always so visible. Prevent eye diseases with regular medical checkups."...see more →

Central Clinic
Central Clinic Print advertisements

Central Clinic: World No Tobacco Day

"Learned how to take risks with his dad.Started smoking at home.Smoking is the leading cause of...see more →

Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Print advertisements

Suzuki Jimny 4SUN. The compact 4x4 with panoramic sunroof

"Jimny 4SUN. The compact 4x4 with panoramic sunroof." Advertising Agency: Africa, Sao Paulo, Brazil...see more →

Volkswagen ads
Volkswagen Print advertisements

Volkswagen Tiguan: With Parking Assist

Volkswagen Tiguan. With Parking Assist. Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil Chief...see more →

Fiat ads
Fiat Print advertisements

Fiat: Don’t text and drive

"You either see the letter or the girl. Don’t text and drive." "You either see the letter or the...see more →

Skol Beer
Skol Direct Marketing advertisements

Skol: limited edition design kit

Skol Beer has released a new line of aluminum beer bottles and each bottle comes with its own...see more →