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Ted Baker Ambient advertisements

Ted Baker - Britain Town

Following the example of Chinatowns as the ambassadors of the chinese culture in the world, Ted...see more →

PUMA Online advertisements

Puma Dance Dictionary

Encrypt your messages into dance moves. Top LA choreographer Super Dave works with some of the...see more →

Foot Locker TV & Film advertisements

Foot Locker: mixed music using your feet

Our obsession with Sneakers means that occasionally we do some crazy things with our shoes. This...see more →

Nike TV & Film advertisements

Nike: FC247 - anytime. anywere.

Advertising Agency: Doubleyou, Spain Creative Director: Jesús Revuelta / Senior Copywriter: Ximo...see more →

Miguel Giannini ads
Miguel Giannini Print advertisements

Miguel Giannini Glasses: the best part of your cv is your photo

Product: Miguel Giannini Glasses Advertising Agency: Publicis, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative Director...see more →

Nike Ambient advertisements


During Euro2012, real-time social media monitoring let us know who should be the standard bearer of...see more →

Wrangler Online advertisements


Life should be full of discovery and adventure, go "FIND YOUR EDGE" by Wrangler Mileage App ! The...see more →

Adidas TV & Film advertisements

Adidas: Happy Birthday Sachin

On Sachin's 40th birthday, here is something for the city which gave us Sachin. Advertising Agency...see more →

Adidas TV & Film advertisements

Adidas: Crazyquick

When you're Quicker than your opponents, it ain't fair. It ain't fair that Quick goes number 1,...see more →

Bonds outdoor ads
Bonds Outdoor advertisements

Bonds: G'Day Boys

Bonds celebrate the arrival of its underwear range onto UK shores. The billboard campaign features...see more →

Old Navy TV & Film advertisements

Old Navy: Tee Expert, Mr. T

This spring, we're all getting an upgrade, thanks to Tee Expert, Mr. T, and Old Navy Best Tees....see more →

K2 ads
K2 Print advertisements

K2: The Wildest Walks

The Wildest Walks. Advertising Agency: HS Ad, Seoul, Republic of Korea Creative Directors: Bo...see more →

Mode Marie ads
Mode Marie Print advertisements

Mode Marie: OMG Bra

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Taiwan Creative Director: Tom Huang / Executive Creative Director: Alex...see more →

Valin Custom Tailoring Ambient advertisements

Valin Custom Tailoring: Whatever Your Shape

Client: Valin Custom Tailoring Advertising Agency: Lg2 Quebec, Canada Creative Director: Luc Du...see more →

Adidas TV & Film advertisements

Made by girls, for girls

Advertising Agency: Sid Lee, Canada Director: Melina Matsoukas / Executive Creative Director: Dave...see more →

Carhartt TV & Film advertisements

The Force T-Shirt

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA Head of Production: Andrew Loevenguth / Creative: Sheena Brady /...see more →

Smallable ads
Smallable Print advertisements

Adult fashion now available for kids

Adult fashion now available for kids. Advertising Agency: Young&Rubicam, Paris, France...see more →

Converse ads
Converse Outdoor advertisements

Shoes are boring WEAR SNEAKERS

"Shoes are boring WEAR SNEAKERS" Advertising Agency: Anomaly, New York, USA Chief...see more →

Adidas TV & Film advertisements

Training RGIII

Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA Executive Creative Director: William Gelner / Creative Directors:...see more →

Uranium Jeans ads
Uranium Jeans Print advertisements

Undomesticated Animals

Undomesticate. Advertising Agency: Inbrax, Santiago, Chile Chief Creative Director / Executive...see more →