Ambient Advertisements

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Coca-Cola Ambient advertisements

Coca-Cola: Friendship Experiment

Happiness creator Kurt Tang takes to the streets of Guangzhou for the Friendship Experiment. Is it...see more →

IKEA Ambient advertisements

IKEA: Say it with a bed

Life keeps changing, but how often does your bed change with it? Not often enough. Show the world...see more →

Subway Ambient advertisements

Subway: The Kid Shopping Experiment

Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, Puerto Rico Creative Directors: Enrique Renta, Manuel Bordé,...see more →

Cris against Cancer Ambient advertisements

Cris against Cancer: 2.400 Seats to fight cancer

In order to raise funds for three new research projects, CRIS against Cancer organized a classical...see more →

Mater Natura Ambient advertisements

Mater Natura: Report the wildlife trade

No animal enjoys feeling like that. Report the wildlife trade. Advertising Agency: OpusMúltipla,...see more →

ICM Ambient advertisements

ICM: Make Alzheimer’s more real for people

THE CONTEXT: In France, Alzheimer's as well as brain and spinal diseases affect 1...see more →

Solo Ambient advertisements

Solo: message in a bottle

Client: Solo softdrink Advertising Agency: Try/Apt, Oslo, Norway Art Directors: Martin R. Thorsen,...see more →

M&M ambient ads
M&M Ambient advertisements

M&M: Act now. Plant a tree!

One of the principal reasons for rising temperatures is Natural Resource Depletion. Fast-depleting...see more →

Red Hot Ambient advertisements

Red Hot: Spreading the word

New York has the highest incidence of reported AIDS cases in the United States. We wanted to create...see more →

Metro Shoe Laundry ambient ads
Metro Shoe Laundry Ambient advertisements

Metro Shoe Laundry: Keep them clean

When your shoes come home, they don't come alone. Keep them clean. Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Valin Custom Tailoring Ambient advertisements

Valin Custom Tailoring: Whatever Your Shape

Client: Valin Custom Tailoring Advertising Agency: Lg2 Quebec, Canada Creative Director: Luc Du...see more →

Maes Ambient advertisements

Maes: A free barrel to share

Maes is a popular Belgian beer but also the 3rd most common Belgian surname. Therefore Maes beer...see more →

Manufactura Ambient advertisements

Short On Shorts

Local printing house MANUFACTURA wanted to deliver fast textile printing message to AD people...see more →

Seat Ambient advertisements

Surprise taxi passengers

SEAT technology was used to surprise taxi passengers in Düsseldorf Germany. Advertising...see more →

E-mart Ambient advertisements

E-mart Sale Navigation project

VLC technology-based marketing promotion in a hypermarket for the first time in the world. A lot of...see more →

TVNZ Ambient advertisements

2m high fairy tale books

"TVNZ wanted to promote the second season of the television series Once Upon A Time. A show based...see more →

Buddhists Cultural Center Ambient advertisements

Paapa Chakraya activation campaign

The Issue: Today a majority of people in society commit some form of sin. In other words,...see more →

Starbucks Braille Menus
Starbucks Ambient advertisements

Starbucks: New Starbucks Braille Menus

"New Starbucks Braille Menus." Advertising Agency: Rái, São Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative...see more →

Lacta Ambient advertisements

Love in the end

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Greece Executive Creative Director: Panos Sambrakos /...see more →

Decathlon ads
Decathlon Ambient advertisements

Holliday-makers straight from the beach

How to bring holliday-makers straight from the beach to the store ?*€10 discount on presentation of...see more →